Friday, October 24, 2014

Are Slim Cigarettes Less Harmful?

My new post comes with good news for smokers. In conditions when the whole world says that smoking cigarettes is bad and harmful, a new study comes with unexpected results that would change people's attitude towards cigarettes.

Recently there was made a study which found that exposure to nicotine and tar is much lower in those who use slim cigarettes than in those who use regular ones.

In the study participated 360 smokers who consumed slim cigarettes and regular cigarettes. Researchers used special devices to determine the amount of chemicals in cigarette filters of the particiapnts and see how much of nicotine and tar they are consuming.

After making all necessary measurements, the researchers noticed that the level of such substances as acetaldehyde,  acrylonitrile, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, benzene was less in slim cigarettes.  Researchers explain that due to small diameter of these cigarettes the size of puffs is reduced and smokers are less exposed to nicotine and tar.

In some countries slim cigarettes are extremely popular. For example, in Russia and Japan.

The conclusion is simple. If you worry about your health and at the same time like smoking, then turn to slim cigarettes! Many think that slims are only for women, however, this is just a streotype. Slims are for men too.

There are many brands which offer amazing kinds of slims and among famous brands are Davidoff, Marlboro, Virginia Slims, Kent, Winston and even Rothmans with its new Rothmans Demislims Blue and Rothmans Demislims Silver.

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