Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms May be Used for Quitting

Do you think that the best way to give up smoking for good is to turn to electronic cigarettes? Do not hurry to make this conclusion, because e-cigarettes are considered not helpful in quitting. There may appear other unusual ways to get rid of the habit. The results of the latest research will definately surprise you!

Have you ever heard about hallucinogenic mushrooms? Oh, sure. These mushrooms are considered psychedellic as they do contain psilocin and psilocybin, substances classified as psychedellic. These kind of mushrooms may cause a real euphoria in a user, that is why they are also called magic.

Let us turn to the main subject of the article. A group of researchers from John Hopkins university found that use of magic mushrooms are more effective in quitting smoking than other traditional and popular methods such as pills.

In the research participated heavy smokers who normally used over twenty cigs a day. In the course of the research they had to consume mushrooms, listen to theur favorite music, relax and concentrate on ‘inner experience’.  The obtained results showed that magic mushrooms had an 80% success rate compared to 35% rate for  varenicline, a popular cessation medication. Incredible.

Today researchers make many studies  and experiment with different hallucinogens not only with the aim to find a good way for quitting but to treat diseases. For example, they investigate LSD and MDMA use for treatment of a number of diseases. One of the studies tries to find out if MDMA is able to prolong lives of terminal patients with just few months to live. Other studies were focused on treating post-traumatic stress disorder.  This is quite noble aim for hallucinogens investigations, don't you think?

Scientists will continue their research in this field and we will wait for their final word :)