Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hookah FAQ

What is hookah?
Hookah is a water pipe in which man inhales flavored tobacco smoke through a long stem after it passes through water basin.

When hookah first apeeared?
Hookah comes from ancient Persia and India. It have been used widely for centuries. During past 10 years it became popular among adults not only in the USA but worldwide.

What is shisha?
Middle East locals call hookah “shisha” and this name spread all over the world, so you may often meet this word when you search for hookah.

What are other names for hookah?
Narghile, goza, argileh, hubble-bubble.

Is hookah safer than cigarettes?
Some people smoke only cigars, others only cigarettes. Those who choose hookah consider it is safer than cigarettes. Not exactly. There were made studies in the field and they have found that an average 30 minute hookah session equals smoking one pack of cigarettes. Thus if your hookah session lasts at least an hour think that you were smoking 1 — 2 packs of cigarettes.

Does hookah smoke contain nicotine?
Yes, it contains nicotine.

What flavors are available for hookah smoking?
There are many varieties among which you may choose what you like: cherry, coconut, watermelon, licorice, apple, mint, chocolate, cappuccino.

Where to buy hookah tobacco?
We are lucky that we live in 21th century. Today we may buy things directly from our homes. Buy hookah at They offer hookah tobacco of famous Al Fakher brand presented in different varieties. The price is lower than in other online cigarette stores.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Does Marlboro Blend #420 Really Exist?

Many people saw on the web images of green Marlboro packs with marijuana leaf above the logo with white and green cigarettes. The blend is called Blend #420.

Is that real or a joke?
In fact, Marlboro never produced this variety. Marlboro blend #420 is a photoshoped image created by people who want marijuana be legalized in the USA.

Why blend #420?
Actually number 420 refers to cannabis culture. It is a symbol of marijuana legalization used by people who want it. Number 420 starts its history in 1971 when a group of teenagers from San Rafael, California wanted to find an abandoned cannabis crop. They made their appointments at 4.20p.m. in order to find this treasure. Soon the number 420 became a code for their meetings and then it started to denote pot smoking in general. Nowadays April 20 is a holiday when people in North America celebrate and consume marijuana. 

Read more about #420 here.

The conclusion
Be realist. Spend less time on dreaming about Marlboro Blend #420 as it is not real. Marijuana today is not legalized and it is better to smoke legal Marlboro cigarettes. :) However, it is up to you to choose.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Diversity of Menthol Cigarettes

 Today menthol cigarettes are extremely popular among smokers. Numerous studies show that more than 60% of smokers choose menthol cigarettes than classic brands. In the case of African Americans, the number is 79%.

Besides this, menthol cigarettes are recommended by healthcare providers because in comparison with classic cigarettes they are not harmful. They are characterized with light flavor and therefore are preferred by smokers who love delicate smoke. Smokes note that menthol cigarettes give them more pleasure during smoking than classic cigarettes.

Menthol cigarettes were introduced at the beginning of 20th century to satisfy new smoking needs of customers and in short time won a huge popularity worldwide.

Menthol compound is made of natural extract which gives cool sensation to throat and lungs during smoking. Menthol enters the lungs where it is fallen into substances unperilous for health. Then these substances are released from the body.

Modern tobacco market offers a wide range of cheap menthol cigarettes. You may choose among different brands:

- Glamour Superslims Menthol
- Karelia Slims Menthol
- Kiss Superslims Menthol
- Lady Menthol
- Esse Super Slims Menthol
- Eva Super Slims Menthol
- Vogue Super Slims Menthe