Friday, September 19, 2014

Why People Smoke

Numerous studies showed that most people start smoking in their teenage and by age 30 become regular smokers. This occurs because they become addicted to tobacco. Some of them made an effort to stop smoking, but soon began smoking again due to addiction. That is the reason why it is hard to get rid of smoking. It should be said that youth and adults have different reasons to smoke.

Why do teenagers smoke?
1. Well, young people want to smoke in order to look mature. They see that their parents smoke and consider smoking as a commont element of adulthood.

2. In their young age they experiment and want to try different things from curiosity. Forbidden things attract them most and smoking is one of them, for sure. Normally, parents do not allow their kids to smoke cigarettes and they say them It is prohibited! But namely this arises keen interest in them to try it secretly. It is quite exciting for them to get cigarettes and smoke them in a hiding-place without being caught. .

3. One more reason is they smoke just because their friends do it. In a company they do not want to be a black sheep or an object of ridicule, so they do what they friends do.

Why do adults smoke?

1. Smoking helps to releif from stress. A great number of daily responsabilities, money, problems at work or in relationships, health problems and even traffic jams cause stress. Smoking cigarettes is a way to overcome it and smoker becomes relaxed and calm.

2. Smoking helps to control body weight. Studies demonstrated that smokers weigh seven pounds less than non-smokers. Tobacco use reduces appetite and people eat less.

3. Adults smoke just for pleasure. They love tobacco taste and smell. They just love to blow smoke rings.

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