Friday, May 2, 2014

E-cigs VS Regular Cigarettes

 Today mass media promotes the idea that e-cigs are safe and people strongly believe it. Tobacco companies start to produce e-cigarettes in order to go with the times and satisfy needs of modern smokers. In one of my previous posts I wrote that e-cigarettes are not safe because they contain nicotine which causes addiction.

What to choose: e-cigarettes or tobacco ones?
Let us turn to history. Native American tribes have traditionally grown and used tobacco long before Europeans conquered the America. Tobacco was an important part of their culture. Native Americans are those who introduced tobacco to Europeans and that was almost the beginning of tobacco use by European people.

First tobacco cigarettes as we know them today appeared in France in 1830s. The word cigarette comes from French. In 1845 the French state tobacco monopoly began producing them. However, true tobacco industry has developed in the USA and such brands as Marlboro, Camel and Lucky Strike became popular worldwide.

The major feature that makes regular cigarettes to tasty is tobacco. There are several kinds of tobacco and tobacco makers create unusual and original tastes for their cigarettes by mixing several blends! That is why each cigarette brand is so different! E-cigs have no tobacco and that is why their taste has nothing to do with regular cigarettes.

E-cigs allow you to enjoy only the process of smoking but not the taste. That is why many smokers prefer regular cigarettes to electonic ones. Only with regular cigarettes you may find out what real smoking is. Only tobacco taste gives you that pleasure of smoking. Only these small and beautiful cigarettes packs are cool and attractive.

The argument that e-cigs are safe is nothing but a trap for naive people. Vapor provided by these devices has a number of substanes and the bad news is that providers do not list all of them, therefore no one knows what substanes and in what amount are found there. That fact makes them extremely dangerous, especially in conditions when scientists have not studied all their effects on human body.

So, personally I remain with regular cigarettes with tobacco as they not only provide a real tobacco taste but help me to relax :) And I love those small and colorful boxes as they are stylish! I love my favorite Glamour cigarettes brand which I get from my favorite online cigarette store found at

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