Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are E-cigarettes Safe?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are battery-powered devices which use no tobacco at all for smoking. They appeared in the USA in 2007 and were presented as a perfect alternative to tobacco cigarettes with many advantages and one of them was their safety. Exactly this statement made these devices popular among smokers. Are e-cigarettes really safe?

When you look at electonic cigarette you observe its resemblance to tobacco cigarette. It has the same shape and looks like it has a filter. It may be white or black by color. However, the major difference is obvious — it is electronic. Another difference is they use no tobacco for smoking. E-cigarettes have a special mechanism which heats up liquid nicotine and transforms it into vapor. This vapor is inhaled and exhaled by smoker.

Manufacturers of e-cigs say they are safe because no tobacco is burning. However, experts say to not hurry with such conclusions because little studies were made in the field.

Due to the fact thay have no tobacco, they may be smoked in different places. Tobacco cigarettes are banned from smoking in public places and e-cigarettes are not, and this is another advantage of these devices that manufacturers do mention. Many smokers who tasted e-cigs, said they will never exchange tobacco cigarettes for e-cigarettes. They just love to feel true tobacco taste.

The FDA warns about e-cigarettes usage because they may contain toxic ingredients that are not safe for people. It is very important to study what effects have e-cigarettes on human body because smokers inhale nicotine but, as you know, nicotine is addictive. Besides this, it is important to know how much nicotine is inhaled by a smoker and what is the amount of potentially harmful substances in these liquids.

Do not belive ads that say e-cigs are safe. It is too early to speak about this until studies are made. Choose tobacco cigarettes and feel real tobacco taste! Buy cigarettes online at and save your money.

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