Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Perfect Smoking Related Gifts for Fathers Day

With father’s day less than a week away, time is running out for you to buy your dad the perfect present. Father’s day is the ideal time to show your dad you appreciate him and to utterly spoil him for a change. Buying a present is just one of the ways you can show your father you care and a personal gift is probably one of the greatest he will get, allowing him to treasure it forever. Here is a list of some of the best presents for your dad.

As a gift that is personal to them you could buy a personalised cigar set. It is possible to buy a box of his favourite cigars, in a lovely box that could be kept as a keepsake after the cigars have been used. This is also a perfect option for smokers who are starting out and can be the perfect opportunity to find what brand is their favourite with a variety box. These will range in price but are a great way of telling your dad your care.

For a smaller, novelty gift a personalised zippo is a sentimental keepsake that some people like to collect. Zippos are arguably the most popular brand of lighters and a personalised one, maybe with an image, which is personal to him, and a father’s day message would be a lovely present. While it isn’t recommended that you light a cigar with a zippo lighter, this present is more appropriate for cigarette smokers as they are also a practical present that they will use every day.

As an experience day you could find a cigar master class, which is great for both novice and experienced smokers and will allow your dad to find the cigar perfect for his tastes and the best pairings for his cigar. Whiskey is one of the most popular drinks for some when they are smoking their cigars, however it may all depend on the cigar he smokes. An experience will give him memories that will last for a very long time and is a great way for him and a loved one or friend to have a good catch up.

There are also accessories available that make great gifts for a cigar smoker, which are also very practical. Every cigar smoker needs a humidor and there are some very elegant and sophisticated ones that can make him the envy of his friends. A humidor will keep his cigars at fresh due to the constant temperature of the box. There are a number of other accessories a cigar smoker needs and a humidor is just one. With a little bit of research you are sure to find the present perfect for your dad in no time.

Author: Phoebe Willan

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