Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Switching From Cigarettes to Snus

Today cigarette smokers get interested in snus. They want to know more about this tobacco product.

There are a lot of smokers who love taste of tobacco but when it comes to cigarettes they may start cough. In this case snus is perfect for them.

Let us first define what snus is. In one of my articles I wrote about other tobacco products where is mentiones snus. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that is produced in Sweden.

Is it easy to switch from cigarettes to snus? The switching may take some time to get used to. Find out from where to start.

Choose a snus with a strength similar to cigarettes you got used to. There are a lot of snus brands that have a strong taste. They are a perfect choice for those who got used to smoke strong cigarettes such as Paliament Night Blue which has 10.0mg of tar and 0.8mg of nicotine. People who love light cigarettes such as OK Nano Blue would certainly appreciate light snus. Remember that only original snus will give you a true nicotine rush.

On the market you will face a vast range of snus brands available. Such popular cigarette brands as Marlboro and Camel do produce snus besides cigarettes. However, they are not best choice for the beginners as they are too sweet and do not have a real Swedich taste. It is better to choose try-out boxes with different tastes to try. There is no try-out boxes among cigarettes.

Though it may take some time to get used to snus but it is worth it. Numerous studies have shown that snus is a great thing to use for quitting smoking. Most important is that you may use snus everywhere without disturbing anyone else.

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