Thursday, May 21, 2015

Premium Cigarettes: Parker & Simpson

 Meet, Parker & Simpson, an amazing cigarettes brand of premium class by Imperial Tobacco. The tobacco company is famous for production of such premium brand as Davidoff and now promotes an absolutely new brand to conquer new segments of market. In comparison with Davidoff, Parker & Simpson are much affordable when it comes to price.

Parker & Simpson comes in two varieties: Parker&Simpson White (pack of creamy color) and Parker&Simpson Black (pack of black color).

When you you look at these packs, it becomes clear that the brand is for people who love elegancy and refinement. Both creamy and black packages have a big logo made of brands initials placed in center of the pack. On the cap are placed two lions and the title of the brand. The gold color on the pack makes reference to refinement, wealth and splendor.

Let us turn to cigarettes themselves. White paper is used in both varieties and both have gold lions on each stick. These are king size cigarettes with 83mm length and 9mm diameter. Imperial tobacco follows smokers demands and uses innovative tecnoligies to make smoking safer. Thus in Parker&Simpson is used a recessed charcoal filter which allows to prevent the tongue from touching the filter face. Besides this, filters have a perforation line which prevents tobacco smoke entering into lungs.

What are major differences between varieties?
Not only cigarette package do differ but certainly tobacco taste. The tobacco blend is just amazing.

Parker&Simpson White has 4.0mg tar and 0.4mg nicotine. It is smooth version for those who prefer mild taste. The taste of tobacco blend is pleasant and sweet.

Parker&Simpson Black has 7.0mg tar and 0.6mg nicotine. This version is stonger than White and provides a more intense tobacco taste. It is sweet and therefore is not harsh as many other brands of the same strength.

I think that Parker&Simpson White is perfect for tender ladies who love sweet aromas. And elegant gentlemen would appreciate mild and sweet taste of Parker&Simpson Black.

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