Friday, January 23, 2015

Flavored Tobacco: Captain Black Little Cigars

Usually I write about cigarettes. However, today I am going to write about cigars, or exactly say, about little cigars. They have filters and look just like cigaretts, therefore deserve my attention. The talk is about Captain Black Little Cigars which have a variety of flavours.

The brand is manufactured by Lane Limited, a subdivision of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the tobacco company famous for aromatic pipe tobacco, cigarillos and little cigars.

Little history.
Since 1973, Lane Limited started to ship its aromatic tobacco under the brand name of Captain Black to many countries worldwide. Thus smokers from around the world got a perfect possibility to enjoy rich and aromatic pipe tobacco! The high quality of premium tobacco used in the Captain Black was widely appreciated, and very quickly became best selling pipe tobacco brand in the USA.

At the beginning of 21th century, the manufacturer began to produce new form of Captain Black's tobacco: filtered cigars. These products became extremely popular because they are made of the same premium tobacco and have this sweet aromatic flavor as cigars do.

Captain Black Little Cigars have several aromas: from mild and mellow to powerful and intense. These cigars would be highly appreciated by smokers who give their preference to refined tobacco and exhilarating sweetness. The blend in made up of European, Indonesian and Philippine tobaccos.

Captain Black Little Cigars look like regular filter cigarettes. They are 0.8mm in diamenter and 98mm lengthwise. These are cigars and their tobacco is rolled in brown paper! They are packed in a compact soft black package which easily goes into any pocket and handbag.

The tobacco company uses innovations in the production of its cigars in order to satisfy modern customer's needs. You will see that Captain Black Little Cigars have a perforation line running around the filters, which improves filtration by allowing to inhale more air.

This is tasty but heavy tobacoo product, and if you got used to smooth smoking you may find them very strong.

Captain Black Little Cigars varieties:

Captain Black Cherise with a rich cherry aroma.

Captain Black Classic with a slight vanilla aroma.

Captain Black Dark Crema with an intense cacao aroma.

Captain Black White Crema with vanilla aroma.

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