Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Smoking Rock Stars

Queens of The Stone Age. The photo is made in 2000 in Los Angeles, USA, before release of the second album called 'Rated R'.

Liam Gallagher. The photo was made on March 1996 at the Roxy Theatre, Philadelphia,  before the release of Oasis' second album called '(What's The Story) Morning Glory'.

Jimi Hendrix. The photo was made in 1969 in Copenhagen.

Angus Young, the guitarist from famous Australian hard rock band AC/DC. The image is made in 1995 in Germany.

The Smiths, the English rock band considered most important alternative rock band in 1980s. The image was made in 1986 at Salford Lads Club, Manchester.

Bob Dylan. The image was made in 1966 in Copenhagen during his world tour.

Tom Waits. The image was made in 1979.

Courtney Love recording her solo album in 2007 in Los Angeles, USA.

Paul Weller, the Englich musician who played in the band The Jam. The image was made in 1982, before The Jam split.

Brian Molko, the frontman of most popular English rock band Placebo.

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