Friday, July 25, 2014

Which Countries Smoke Most

1. Serbia
Cigarette use per capita: 2,861
In 2010, the country adopted strictest anti-tobacco measures on Balkans. It was estimated that in Serbia around 33.6% of adults smoke. 

2. Bulgaria

Cigarette use per capita: 2,822
In the country there was adopted a law banning smoking in such public places as bars and restaurants.

3. Greece
 Cigarette use per capita: 2,795

4. Russia
 Cigarette use per capita: 2,786
Only this year Russia started seriously fight smoking with new tough anti-smoking laws. The measure stirred storm of protest from smokers.

5. Moldova

 Cigarette use per capita: 2,479
The country has cheapest cigarettes in the Eastern Europe which makes them available to everybody. Smoking is permitted everywhere and there are no state quit smoking programs. However, this year the Prime-Minister Leanca told that the state will start fighting tobacco use like most countries worldwide.

6. Ukraine
 Cigarette use per capita: 2,401
 Coutries from Eastern Europe have highest smoking rates because governments do nothing to reduce smoking and people are not aware about the effects of smoking.

7. Slovenia

 Cigarette use per capita: 2,369
 Today there are millions of smokers on the planet using around 6 trillion cigarettes annually. The WHO is worried about these numbers and has created various campaigns to fight smoking.

8. Bosnia-Herzegovina
 Cigarette use per capita: 2,278
 The bad news is that population growth worldwide is closely linked to increase of tobacco users.

9. Belarus

 Cigarette use per capita: 2,266
The use of cigarettes in Western Europe has reduced by 26% between 1990 and 2009, but increased in Africa and the Middle East by 57% during the same period.

10. Montenegro
 Cigarette use per capita: 2,157

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