Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quit Smoking with Smartphone

 In 21th century most people use smartphones and cannot imagine their lives without it. Smartphone is more than cell phone, it is like a personal computer — you use it to talk with friends via skype, receive and send e-mails, check your facebook, place images on Instagram, listen to music, make online purchases, read books and magazines, and more. If you want something special, you may always install an app on your smartphone.

There were developed a lot of apps for quitting smoking with various interfaces and options. Some are free, and some are paid. Generally, they provide next information:

    Tips for quitting;
    Information about the health effects of smoking ;
    Time and money you save by not smoking ;
    The number of days added to your life after quitting ;
    Benefits of quitting
    Images of diseased lungs, decayed teeth, cancers;
    Online support  and chat with other people who quit.

Here are three of them:

1. My Last Cigarette
 This is most popular quit smoking app. You should introduce your personal info into My Last Cigarette app and it would create a plan for you. The app shows data updates in real-time and you will always know how well you are doing without your cheap Camel cigarettes. Also it shows motivational messages.medical facts of smoking, and other useful info.

2. QuitSTART  - the App for Teenagers
 This is unique application, different from others with the special approach towards teenagers. Teenage needs are taken into consideration here. The app helps young smokers to recognise smoking triggers and tracks cravings and moods. The app shows teenager's achievements and awards for staying smokefree.

3. Livestrong MyQuit Coach
This free app creates a personalized quitting plan and provides  for the smoker his personal progress charts along with tips and inspirational photos.

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