Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Menthol Cigarettes Are

 Everyone of you have ever heard about menthol cigarettes. Probably many of you felt their smoke and even know their taste. Those who did smoke them once say their taste is so unusual and recognizable that they may easily tell with closed eyes menthol cigarettes from regular ones. 

It is not about profound knowledge in tobacco but about sensations. Smokers who choose menthol cigarettes are attracted by sensation of coolness which these cigarettes provide. The sensation is really cool and pleasant.

Why do you feel this delicate coolness while smoking menthol cigarettes? The secret is hidden in menthol, the chemical substance which is obtained from natural extract. 

In lungs menthol is divided into undangerous compounds and then easily released from the body. Most of you have used cough syrups in production of which is used menthol! Yeah, menthol is used in pharmaceutical industry.

Modern tobacco market offers a large assortment of menthol cigarettes from cheap to expensive ones. Different brands, different packages, different tastes, different prices.... 

The only common things which connect them are slim shape, mild strength and menthol. You are free to choose among most popular cigarette brands that produce menthol cigarettes in the line with other verieties:

Menthol cigaretttes are worth tasting. Once you inhale them you will feel relaxed and peaceful.

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