Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cigarettes FAQ

Filers or non-filters?
There is a big difference between filter and non-filter cigarettes. First of all, non-filter cigarettes are shorter and come in short packages. In these cigarettes you may light either end. Non-filter cigarettes give you an absolutely different smoking experience in comparision with filter cigarettes. They are easy to inhale due to lack of filters and as a result the amount of smoke you inhale is higher. Non-filters are good for experienced smokers because they are too strong for the beginners. Non-filters have tar and nicotine levels 30-45% higher than their filter counterparts. Today most popular non-filter cigarettes are:
 - Astra Non-filter
 - Leana Non-filter
 - Nistru non-filter

What do the numbers on cigarette pack mean?

You may see on packs such numbers as "100's" and "120's" which indicate the length of cigarette rod in millimeters. Regular cigarette length is 84mm and it is called King Size.

What are menthol cigarettes?
Menthol cigarettes are cigarettes that contain menthol, a non-tobacco additive that give cigarettes a minty taste. Cigarettes without menthol are called regular cigarettes. Many cigarette brands have menthol verieties among regular ones. Most popular menthol cigarettes are:
 - Karelia Slims Menthol
 - Kiss Superslims Menthol
 - Esse Super Slims Menthol
 - Glamour Superslims Menthol

Is there anything else besides Menthol and Regular types?
Yes, it is, it is Clove. Probably you heard about clove, a famous aromatic spice used for food preparation. It is used also in tobacco production and when mixed with tobacco produces an unusual spicy taste. Some brands that make clove cigarettes are extremely strong. Besides this, cigarettes may have different tastes such as apple, strawberry, cherry. For example, Kiss cigarettes have a number of delicios frutty tastes while Richmond cigarettes do specialize on cherry taste.

What are full-flavor and light cigarettes?
The word "full-flavor" indicates a stronger version which has a big amount of tar and nicotine. "Lights" is a mild version with small amount of nicotine and tar.

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