Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Origins of Marlboro Brand Name

Cigarettes is a kind of product that nowadays requres no special advertisment and generally no advertisment at all. Everyone from youth to seniors know what it is, at least what it is look like and what it smells like. Smokers do not need ads at all, they smoke cigarettes because they like feelings and sensations tobacco gives them. Smokers are ready to pay money for the pleasure of smoking. The pleasure of smoking is really captivating and smokers love to feel it.

Advertisments can hardly make smoker switch from one cigarette brand to another because usually smokers remain reliable to their favorite brand and they smoke it for years. Smokers may turn to another brand only in case they are looking for something absolutely new or they are looking for cigarettes with similar taste and strength.

Cigarette brand names do reflect the spirit of the particular brand. Let us look through Marlboro brand name. Everyone heard the name Marlboro as it is the largest cigarrete brand in the world. They became popular due to ads with cowboy and today their best ads are regular customers. The ad with a cowboy was created in 1950s to attract male smokers because initially the brand was created for women. And the cowboys did their job. Soon males became major customers of these cigarettes.

What are the origins of Marlboro brand name? 
There exists a version that Marlboro took its name from a town where it was created. There are many towns in the world bearing the name of Marlborough (which spells as Marlboro). You may find them in the USA, England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The true sory is not far from this version.

The manufacturer, Phillip Morris, opened his first tobacco shop in 1847 in the UK, on famous Bond Street in London. With time his business was extended and there was opened his first tobacco factory which was located on Great Marlborough Street in London and exactly this name was chosen for cigarettes. At the beginning Marlboro was made in one non-filters variety, but today the brand is available in many types. Today most popular Marlboro varieties are: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Silver. Buy cheap Marlboro cigarettes online and enjoy low prices.

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