Thursday, April 18, 2013

Does Marlboro Blend #420 Really Exist?

Many people saw on the web images of green Marlboro packs with marijuana leaf above the logo with white and green cigarettes. The blend is called Blend #420.

Is that real or a joke?
In fact, Marlboro never produced this variety. Marlboro blend #420 is a photoshoped image created by people who want marijuana be legalized in the USA.

Why blend #420?
Actually number 420 refers to cannabis culture. It is a symbol of marijuana legalization used by people who want it. Number 420 starts its history in 1971 when a group of teenagers from San Rafael, California wanted to find an abandoned cannabis crop. They made their appointments at 4.20p.m. in order to find this treasure. Soon the number 420 became a code for their meetings and then it started to denote pot smoking in general. Nowadays April 20 is a holiday when people in North America celebrate and consume marijuana. 

Read more about #420 here.

The conclusion
Be realist. Spend less time on dreaming about Marlboro Blend #420 as it is not real. Marijuana today is not legalized and it is better to smoke legal Marlboro cigarettes. :) However, it is up to you to choose.


  1. It'd be neat if they were real (: and you're right on Aug 20th being a marijuana consumption holiday. But how you came around to how 420 came about is just a rumor. No one really knows for fact how it came around. But thank god it did. <3 Alcohol kills, Cannabis chills. <3

  2. Actually they do, in California the police code for marijuana smoking in progress is a "420".

  3. Retard nobody has been killed by marijuana The only way that you can be killed by Marijuana is if it is mixed with something peanuts kill more people in a year's time the marijuana does

    1. In fact marijuana can kill buddy, it relaxes the body thus slowing the heart and someone with a weak heart may die due to such because the heart relaxes and stops pumping in some cases with those people. So you sir may just be the retard,

  4. IT CAN KILL YOU!!! If a bail of it falls on you.

  5. Haha sorry to tell you that story of how 420 came about being a weed symbol is in fact complete bullshit�� the lengths people go to lie... 420 is the code law enforcement uses when handling a case involving marijuana use.